About us


Business philosophy

Harmony, harmony, and force, with the market, create great cause

The spirit of enterprise

Provide consumers with safety, health, nutrition, high-quality products

Cultural life

Popularize knowledge of fire safety, enhance employee defense self-help capability, the company regularly invited safety police station, the director of the industrial park, industrial park station chief and industrial park host the kick-off and drills for professional fire departments.

Happy birthday party, chairman of the board of directors of the company to give each month birthday staff personally inscribed blessing birthday CARDS, company staff birthday party will organize regular birthday that month.

Company on a regular basis as send staff out for training, improve the professional skills and management level of team.

Organize regular employees.

The customer is supreme

Company weekly sales meeting held regularly, targeted analysis, solve the problem of market feedback and improve the competitiveness of the products.

Companies do a customer satisfaction survey every six months, the comprehensive collection of customer comments and Suggestions, more close to the market for the customer service.

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