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1. The vestibule school vocational school is the main technology skilled talent cultivation base. Recruit students object mainly is junior high school graduates, school system for three years. Vestibule school integrate practice teaching and scientific research and production. After decades of reform and development, the vocational school has formed a junior high school senior training, academic education and professional qualification certificate of education, the combination of multi-level and multi-function, diversified vocational training system, in mechanical, electronic, aviation, electric power, petroleum, metallurgy, railway and nearly 30 departments and systems. In 1998, a total of 4362 polytechnic schools across the country, student 1.81 million people, 680000 graduates. The country and the 266 key technical school, 63 senior technical school.

2. The employment training employment training center is the important base of personnel of unemployment of training. The training object mainly youth unemployment and laid-off workers. Employment training center organization, employment training and carried out is given priority to with practical technology and adaptive training, more flexible systems, less to 1 to 3 months, how to 6 to 12 months. The existing employment training center, training people in organizations.

3. Social forces social forces are running enterprises, institutions, public organizations and other social organizations and individual citizens using the state financial education funds, faces the society held training institutions, school main social forces to implement is given priority to with vocational skills training level of the professional qualification training, technical training, labor employment, vocational skills training. The national such social forces cooperatively-run schools so far, more than 20000 annual training capacity of more than 1000 1000 people.

4. Self improve yourself skills improvement is spontaneous improvement plans and goals. I realized that some parts of our shortcomings, pass the auxiliary data or consult others opinions to achieve their own capabilities or technical improvement. To make the vocational training work better adapt to the development of the labor market, to meet the needs of workers obtain employment to carry out multi-level, many forms of training, and promote together, training and employment of original labor department developed "the basic requirement of comprehensive vocational training base", organized comprehensive vocational training base and the pilot work group. By further optimization of educational system reform, expand training using the existing educational condition and digging the potential of teachers, facilities, etc, vocational school or vocational training center will be completed with professional demand investigation, vocational training, professional skill appraisal, closely linked to the vocational guidance and employment of multi-function integrated base, fully embodies the combination of training and employment, training for employment service functions, and play a role of demonstration and radiation. Mainly rely on training, employment, vocational training group work closely for the identification of functions such as organization, strengthening vocational training entities, the region for workers training, appraisal and employment to provide comprehensive, integrated services. Group mainly relies on the community, focus on joint and mobilize all social forces to do training, giving full play to the advantages of the whole, as the dominant force in regional vocational training work.

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